Anemone Crab

Neopetrolisthes maculata and ohshimai

He’s docile and shy, but a pleasure to watch. You may see our Anemone Crab peeking out of the anemones in this tank. He eats microorganisms and keeps the anemone clean by eating the mucus that forms on it. The relationship between the crab and the anemone is called symbiotic, meaning that, in this case, both organisms benefit from the relationship to each other. The anemone provides shelter and food for the crab, and the crab keeps the anemone clean and healthy.

The Anemone Crab protects itself from predators with its large front claws, but is not aggressive. This crab has been said to shed its exoskeleton when it grows.

Anemone Crabs are indigenous to all of the world’s oceans except the Arctic and the Antarctic.